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Student Engagement

Fairfield High School has a total enrolment of approximately 950 students within the comprehensive high school, Special Education Unit and Intensive English Centre. 93% of students are from a non-English speaking background, with a large number of these coming from a refugee background.

The Head Teacher Student Engagement is responsible for assisting in developing effective student engagement strategies which include whole school programs and extra curricula and inter agency programs that target increased student attendance and student well-being.

There are currently several programs facilitated by external community organisers that foster increased engagement of targeted students, small groups and year groups.

Fairfield High school are proud of the many programs we offer to engage and challenge students on their path to learning success.

Creating Chances Program

Creating Chances Program (with Creating Chances) - Giving leadership skills to refugee students from the  IEC and mainstream. Term 3 & 4 2016, Term 1 2017.

Commonwealth Bank Start Smart Program

Commonwealth Bank Start Smart Program - Developing Financial Literacy for Year 9 Commerce Students and Year 11 & 12 Work Skills Students

Breakfast Club Program

Fairfield High Schools Eat Healthy and Learn Breakfast Club provides a healthy breakfast five times a week to our students, mostly refugee and students from low socio economic families. Around 30% of our students leave home without breakfast every day and with some students having no food at all during the schoolday. Management is taught as well as the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle to support astudents ability to learn. As a result of the Eat Healthy and Learn Breakfast Program, an increased number ofstudents will have healthy breakfasts each week and participate in healthy activities.  Through the Healthy Breakfast Program, an increased number of students wil ldevelop a better understanding of the importance of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight. Also, an increased number of students will be actively participating in fitness and sporting activities resulting in an increased understanding amongst students and refugees families/parents of the importance of good nutrition andregular exercise.  

Headstart Program

Headstart Program with STARTTS focusing on engagement of students

In League in Harmony Program

Ex Rugby League players mentor year 9 and year 10 students through participating in the touch football training program.