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International Students

CRICOS Provider Name: NSW Department of Education

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Please download and view Fairfield High School's International Students Manual:

International Student Handbook 2020

The following link will take you to the DEC International Students website for detailed information.



At Fairfield High school our International students come from a variety of different countries. These include China, Vietnam and Burma. Our International students tend to be some of our best students academically over the years and many of them go on to study tertiary courses once they leave school at our major Universities. Each year the school runs a special Enrolment day for our International students usually in week three of term 1. Amongst the topics discussed on that day are all the rules and regulations governing the enrolment of International students at Fairfield High school. A lot of the day is also spent showing the International students what on line resources are available for them to access whilst completing their research for their assessment tasks. Due to Covid 19, special school excursions for our International students have not been possible in 2020 or so far in 2021. However, these will resume when all the travel restrictions are lifted.