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Principal's Message

Welcome to Fairfield High School


In choosing Fairfield High School you have selected a high quality public school for your child's education and we welcome you into the Fairfield High School family. Our motto is "To Live Is to Learn". At this school:

We are committed to the provision of effective learning in a caring, supportive, co-operative environment.  We value the individuality and talents of each student.  We seek to develop self-esteem and positive attitudes to ensure that each student is empowered to reach their potential.

We encourage acceptance and harmony through an understanding of other cultures.  This will be enhanced by the involvement of the school community as a whole and the preparation of our students for responsible citizenship.

Our brief


The community at Fairfield High School is committed to:

  • a safe and secure learning environment
  • the promotion of tolerance, acceptance, care and respect
  • the encouragement of all its members to realise their full potential
  • the preservation of its physical environment
  • pride in its identity and community


We aim for:

  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Success

Exit outcomes


A Fairfield High School Graduate:

  • will be an honest, respectful, responsible, courteous young person, who is generous of spirit, co-operative and an effective communicator.               
  • will be literate, numerate and able to use information and communication technologies appropiately and effectively.
  •  will have an understanding of the knowledge and skills base of all Key Learning Areas and an awareness of local and global issues.
  • will be a critical thinker and problem solver, who will be a motivated, inquisitive and independant learner.

Our strategic directions are to have:


  1. Engaged, responsible students striving for excellence.
  2. Creative, collaborative and high performing staff.
  3. Committed school leaders driving continuous improvement.


I look forward to working with you and your family for many years to come in a successful partnership as we educate and empower our children to have happy and successful lives.


Mr C Borg