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Principal's Message

Welcome to Fairfield High School, a comprehensive, coeducational high school that aims to inspire in students a passion for learning and the development of academic, social and wellbeing skills and attitudes that will empower them as informed citizens. 


The school motto "To Live is to Learn" is underpinned by the core values of Community, Achievement, Respect and Environment, which are the basis for the school's CARE Code and our expectations regarding positive behaviour for learning. 


As a school, we are committed to the provision of quality and explicit teaching, creating opportunities for students to holistically learn and grow, and ensuring our school environment is one in which every student is known, valued, and cared for throughout their educational journey. 


Each student at Fairfield High School brings with them unique talents, skills, needs and interests, which are nurtured through the provision of quality public education. At our school, we value the connection with and role of parents, carers, and community as partners in student learning, and acknowledge that by working together, each student is able to succeed and realise their potential. 


Once again, welcome to Fairfield High School, a school where everyday our students demonstrate creativity, excellence and success. 


Ms N Isakov

Relieving Principal