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Special Education Unit

Fairfield High School's Special Education Unit  has a range of educational options for students who require additional support. The unit currently supports 160 students with a range of intellectual disabilities and Autism to achieve academic and social goals in supported, whole-school and community settings.                                  

Through collaborative planning with students, teachers, parents and service providers, students' needs are met through the development of Personalised Learning Plans and programs based on the appropriate Board of Studies courses of study including the Life Skills Syllabus.

As well as this, students also participate  in a range of evidence-based programs to facilitate students' transition from school to post-school participation, education  and training. These include: work experience, travel training, TAFE courses, social skills and post-school transition programs.

Situated within a regular high school, Fairfield High school Special Education Unit students participate in whole-school events with their mainstream peers. Integrated students can select classes from the mainstream elective list. The extent of mainstream inclusion is based on the individual student's learning preferences and needs.

To book a whole-school tour or obtain further information about the Support Unit, please contact the school office.

Maria-Enna Bianca

9727 2111

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