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Science at Fairfield High School 

All students at Fairfield High School study science from Years 7 to Year 10. We pride ourselves in our ability to foster a culture of inquiry, where students are encouraged to be curious about the world in which they live and critical of the information they read. Science allows students to conduct investigations and explore evidence to discover, develop and produce solutions to real-world problems. It facilitates the development of both the knowledge and skills of students in a hands-on environment. The extensive science program at Fairfield High School is designed to develop the skills and knowledge that help students explain and make sense of the biological, chemical, physical and technological world around them.

Fairfield High School has 6 well-equipped laboratories and 1 research lab, each catering for science from Years 7 to 12. Teachers challenge and support all types of learners in their classes so that the students develop a lifelong interest in science and an awareness of the significance of science in their everyday lives. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of science-related activities, competitions, excursions, and fieldwork.

The Science Faculty is committed to supporting the primary school outreach programs. These programs support the study of science and curriculum implementation in Stages 2 and 3 as well as building teacher capacity in primary schools. In the past, we have hosted primary school students and helped to integrate them into high school.

We actively promote Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) activities to a wide range of our students. For example, our integrated Stage 4 STEM program allows students in Year 7 to experience a wide range of STEM activities across many different fields including robotics, genetics and coding. We have also developed strong links with external providers of resources and activities to better help engage girls in science and STEM.

What subjects/courses do we offer?

The Science Faculty offers a wide range of subjects and courses that vary depending on which year the student is in at school. 

  • Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8) – 8 lessons per fortnight 
  • Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) – 8 lessons per fortnight
  • Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) - iSTEM elective – 6 lessons per fortnight
  • Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Investigating Science – 9 lessons per fortnight

Stage 4 Science

Year 7

Year 8

Stage 5 Science

Year 9

Year 10

Stage 5 ISTEM

Stage 6 Investigating Science

Stage 6 Physics

Stage 6 Chemistry

Stage 6 Biology


What will students learn about in Science?

At Fairfield High School, students will develop the knowledge and skills required to explain the world around them and make responsible decisions as members of their community. Students learn about the history of scientific discoveries and develop an appreciation for the ever-changing nature of scientific understanding as well as the implications of scientific research for society.