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Targeted Learning Classes

The 7 and 8 Blue are our Targeted Learning Classes for our top performing students, as nominated by KLA Head Teachers. Nominations for this class are based on primary school reports, high school diagnostic testing as well as the individual effort, work, attitude and academic performance of students across all classes.

Teachers will be providing a differentiated curriculum in order to maximise each student's learning potential. Lessons will provide students with a variety of 21st Century learning experiences including: project based learning; creative thinking; problem solving; technological skills development; collaborative learning;  and individualised activities.

The aim of the Targeted Learning Class is to promote academic excellence and to have each student work consistently to realise their academic potential. Completion of all set class and home tasks are mandatory. It is expected that each student strives to present quality work at all times. 

Each term there will be a review of the students in this class and some changes may be made if it is apparent that individual students are not striving to attain personal excellence in an ongoing manner.  

If you have any questions about this excellent academic opportunity, contact Mrs Weber, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning.